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My bio was in desperate need of an update. I have not got around to updating it.

For the time being, instead of a bio, here is a flying car.

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arthur dent, bbc radio 4 comedies, bbc radio 7, being fictionalised, being girly, being given flowers, cadbury's dairy milk, capitalist housing television, cats, christopher brookmyre, coca-cola, cocktails, comedy, complex insults, coupling, creme eggs, cynicism, damning with faint praise, dilbert, disney films, douglas adams, dylan moran, eddie izzard, edinburgh, food, friends, happy bees, harry potter, hats, hugh jackman, ice age, invader zim, jaded ideals, jeffisms, laughing, long hot baths, louis theroux, men, my bed, nasgul boots, nypd blue, other people's mispronunciations, pants, parties, pedantry, people watching, philosophy, pretty pictures, pretty things, proving to micah i am teh 1337, quotes, rich hall, romantic comedies, sarcasm, scrubs, silliness, silly accents, smiting the stupid, spending money, stand-up comedy, teachers, the giggle loop, the hitchhicker's guide, the lovely mr al, the princess bride, the renaissance agency, the sarchasm, thunder storms, trivia, when birds run, winnie the pooh
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